Film Synopsis

A young couple living in the streets of Hollywood master a plan
to leave Los Angeles in order to escape jail, drugs and a life of hopelessness.

Behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, lies an underworld of sex and drugs, where young people looking for money and fame easily fall victim to life on the streets of Los Angeles.

Waiting For Tomorrow follows a young couple living in the streets of Hollywood. PJ, a twenty-one year old young male along with his seventeen year-old girlfriend Lori are desperate for a way out of the harsh reality of living on the streets. With the help of his friend Havoc, PJ masters a plan where he uses the earnings of what seems to be a bulletproof drug deal to move the couple to Seattle where an apartment and jobs await them.

But as his plan comes to fruition during their last twenty-four hours in Los Angeles, we quickly realize that their desire to start a new life is greatly challenged by their history on the streets as well as old acquaintances who are not as excited to see them succeed. Moral choices become the fault line in what seems to be an endless day. Both PJ and Lori are forced to look at the reality of their situation and wonder if being together is really all that matters.

The story takes place during the last twenty-four hours before PJ and Lori are due to catch a train to Seattle. At first, their decision seems to be a noble one as we discover Lori is living at a runaway shelter for troubled teens, while PJ sleeps on the shores of Venice beach. But as the day unfolds, we discover a pattern of deception on both of their parts. For one, during breakfast PJ reveals to Lori his plan to sell an ounce of marijuana in order to come up with the money for the train ride. But the reality is that he has no real intentions of selling marijuana. Instead, he chooses to go back to an old acquaintance and deal in something more profitable - heroin. But before he can engage in the perfect drug deal, he must first return to prostitution in order to come up with the 'buy money.'

On the other hand, Lori is quickly trying to tie up loose ends with her caretakers at the shelter. Afraid that they will try to stop her from leaving, Lori builds a wall between them. Instead of explaining to them her situation, she runs back and forth between the shelter and getting high with some friends in order to avoid her exit interview hampering her chances of ever returning to the shelter, if need be.

In the end, life's harsh reality catches up with both of them. But even as time runs out, one can't help feel the necessity of Lori and PJ being together. It is the only thing that they can look forward to besides dying on the streets. To Lori, PJ is hope that love does exist in what seems to be a cold and chaotic world. For PJ, Lori is purpose. It is something that in his young life he has never found. In his mind, purpose is the soul reason why they will always be together.