A PHAT Network Films Production

PHAT Network is an artists network based out of Los Angeles California dedicated to showcasing new independent talent through the use of the Internet and live events around Southern California. Some of these events include The Readymade Film Festival, The Lost Angeles Film Festival, LA Unlock'd and The Day Of Voice.

Writer, director and producer George Gomez was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1976. Leaving a war torn country, he arrived in Los Angeles, CA in 1986 with his family and was faced with a new life and culture. His experience growing up in the urban world of the San Fernando Valley was a culture shock that extended way beyond learning a new language. It also meant learning the survival codes of the streets of Los Angeles. Gangs, graffiti and Hip Hop sub-cultures saturated the city. Gomez had to learn quickly to adapt to its new surroundings or suffer the consequences. Similar to other young Latinos in his position, his future looked rocky and uncertain. The limited choices presented to him seemed to be getting the best of him until one of his junior high school teachers presented him with the opportunity to volunteer at Los Angeles Youth Network; a runaway shelter for teenagers located in Hollywood.

Gomez would spend a large part of his free time during his high school years at the shelter as a peer counselor for the troubled teens staying at the shelter. Week after week, he would listen to the stories of youths passing through and learning about the harsh realities that they were living in, which involved drug addition, prostitution, loss of identity and isolation. The combination of stories he would hear at the runaway shelter combined with his own experiences, Gomez developed a sense of empathy towards the struggles of Los Angeles youth and wanting to artistically share their experience with the rest of the world.

Another huge influence during this crucial time was the development of new technology, both in music and video. Gomez was greatly influenced by early Hip Hop artists like Grand Master Flash and Afrika Bambaataa, whom not only self-produced their craft, but changed the scope of the music industry altogether. He saw at an early age the potential that computers would give to individuals to self-produce their craft with little to no help from big labels or studios. While in college earning his degree in Film & Television from UCLA, Gomez also began to produce music and videos with whatever technology he could get his hands on. For Gomez, it was not a question of whether he would one day make a film or release an album, it was about doing it by all means necessary.

Soon after Gomez graduated from UCLA in 1998 he developed the concept of creating a network of Los Angeles artists that shared his do-it-yourself philosophy. Using his knowled of computers, video editing, graphic design, web authoring, and desktop music publishing, Gomez launched the artist network in January of 2000 under the name P.H.A.T. Network (Punk, Hip Hop, Arts & Techno Network). Shortly after PHAT Network opened its doors, Gomez began networking and recruiting artists from all over Los Angeles. The result was overwhelming with a broad range of artists answering his call. Such artists included independent filmmakers, musicians, DJs, event promoters and organizers, spoken word artists, actors, photographers, dancers and the list goes on. The collaboration resulted in a series of live events that included short film festivals, live music, concerts, art exhibitions, and special events around the greater Los Angeles area.

Throughout this time, Gomez never lost sight of his original goal of bringing to light the sacrifices that the youth of Los Angeles are making and how society is failing to aid an entire generation. He also felt that the only way to really bring such struggles to the mainstream was through filmmaking.

Waiting for Tomorrow is PHAT Network’s feature debut. Written by George Gomez, it combines both the rawness and independent spirit that people have come to expect from a PHAT Network production. Inspired by his days at L.A.Y.N., the film focuses around homeless teenagers living in the streets of Los Angeles. Working closely with L.A.Y.N., Gomez sets out to make a film that is raw, expressive and down-to-earth about teenage homelessness in America.

Gomez continues to work with other artists around Los Angeles and expand the reach of their art through monthly events and the Internet. He currently works for Cesar Millan, Inc. as their Online Creative Director. PHAT Network also has both music and film projects in development.

Director of Photography, Terry Davis, has a long career in the industry working as an editor, cinematographer and steady Cam operator for several commercial projects. Such projects include several cable commercials and TV promo spots.

Terry got his start in high school where he learned, and later taught, camera work, scene design, lighting, and editing. He and the teachers he worked with brought his students to excellence by helping them to explore their talents and master each area of video production. Many of his students have gone on to careers in the production industry.

Current projects for Terry include a short film for HBO titled Alley Dogs as well as another short film titled True Hollywood Lies. On both productions Terry is the cinematographer and editor. Terry is currently employed through Bunim-Murray Productions the producers of the Real world on MTV.